How to Clean Muddy Dog Paws

cleaning muddy dog pawsWhile you might think it’s simple to clean off muddy dog paws, it can actually be quite the job. Doing this incorrectly will not only result in mud on your dog’s feet even after cleaning, but it will also hurt your dog’s feet and make them less likely to stay still the next time you want to wipe them.

We’ve all dealt with muddy dog paws before. Even in beautifully landscaped yards, dogs like to dig up the dirt, and when it’s wet, they become a muddy mess. There is a three-step process to properly cleaning your dog’s paws, and all you’re going to need it two towels – bath towels, kitchen towels, or even old cleaning towels.

Step 1: Take one of the towels and run it under warm water until it’s completely saturated. You don’t want it dripping wet, but you do want it soaked down. Wring it out just enough to where it’s no longer dripping water.

Step 2: Leave the other towel completely dry and off to the side.

Step 3: When your dog comes in, get them to sit down, grab their paw, and gently massage the mud away with the wet towel. Right after this, make sure you dry it off with the dry towel. Each paw should only take a few seconds. The wet towel will instantly sop up the mud, and you’ll be left with a clean dog that can actually walk through the house without getting mud all over the place.

This is a quick process that don’t upset your dog and that won’t leave any mud on their paws. If you have multiple dogs to wipe, just make sure you’re using a clean part of the towel each time.


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