How to Get Medicine Down Your Dog

tips to give dogs pills

One bad thing about owning a dog is that dogs fall ill just like people fall ill, and they often need medicine. However, they don’t make that tasty pink medicine for dogs like they make for kids. Most dog medicine comes in the form of pills, and it’s quite the chore to get it down your dog’s throat. How can you simplify this process? Well, you can start with America’s favorite processed meat – hotdogs! Buy a cheap 8-pack of hotdogs at the store, which should cost about 99 cents.

My beagle has bad allergies and needs to take two Benadryl every day. The pills aren’t very big, but the problem is that she can taste them and spits them out if I try to give them to her whole. Instead, I’ll take a hot dog, cut it into three pieces, and cut a slit in two of the hotdogs; I’ll then cut the pill in half, and stuff half a pill down each hotdog.

The one without a pill is the one I give her first. She chomps right through it and swallows it down, loving the hotdog. Then I’ll give her the ones with the pill halves inside, and she’ll typically go right through them. I repeat this process for each pill she needs. So, for two pills, that’s two hotdogs. Even on the occasions where she realizes the pill is in there, she still wants the hotdogs more than she doesn’t want the pills! So, if she spits one out, I’ll just cut off another piece and give it to her, and she’ll end up eating it.

Hiding pills in basic dog food doesn’t work as well, because the dogs don’t consider this to be a real treat. But if you hide it in something that’s a treat for them, they will woof it right down. Just make sure that the pill pieces are relatively small. If you keep them small enough, they’ll eat right through them.


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