5 Tips to Train your Dog

Dogs are the most loyal and sensitive of all humans. Their hearing is 20 times more powerful than us humans. I love the company of dogs. But training them is essential. It makes them better. Just imagine if you do not go to school and do not learn. What will happen? So dogs also need to learn for their own betterment.

Dog Training

Training for your Dog



But while training we must take care. Here are a few things to be kept in mind while training which will make it easier for you.

  1. Understand – While training you need to understand the needs of your dog. Do not push by punishing.Respect his feelings and he will reciprocate better to your instructions.
  2. Show your love – Pamper your dog with the touch. They love the touch. Encourage by showing your love when he does the tasks correctly. This will reinforce his training.
  3. Be specific – Dogs are very intelligent but you have to be specific with your instructions. Hello should mean only a single behaviour. Dogs do not understand generalization. Hence be specific with your instructions.
  4. Consistency – Training is a continuous process, and it needs to be regular. If you follow the regime regularly your dog will learn quick. Persistent efforts always will give great results.
  5. Make it enjoyable – Put some creativity and make the training session fun. Playing is what a dog loves and he will learn better if he enjoys it.If you dog loves to jump or loves to fetch he will learn the associated task quickly and will remember better.

So, go ahead love your dog, think and care and you will get a buddy whom you can depend on.


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