New Zealand – Police Dogs.

New Zealand police Dog Unit honouring a fallen team member

New Zealand Police Dog Unit

New Zealand has one of the highest rates for ownership of pets and many of these are dogs, but dogs are not just for pets, they are competent member of teams working to assist and help in all kind of situations. There are dogs in the:-
• Police force
• The army
• Search and rescue
• Seeing eye dogs
• Watch dogs
• Sheep/farm dogs
• Gun and hunting dogs
The New Zealand police force has 21 dogs sections and 120 dogs in the teams. It costs up to $60,000 to train but there value is in their membership of the teams and with their handlers. As the dogs live with their handlers an incredible bond is created. As I am writing this a search is currently underway in Mt Holdsworth area, west of Carterton, for Thames, who became separated from his handler during a training exercise. Hopefully he will be found soon.
All the dogs on the force are German Shepherds, these wonderful dogs are highly intelligent and love to work and play. Their characters well suited for the work they are trained to do. All their training is at Police Dog Training Centre at Trentham, Upper Hutt, near Wellington, where they go through a 6 stage training system, graduating at about 18 months. The training centre has an excellent training reputation and has helped establish other training centre’s abroad. They work with other agencies when required, like with the training of detection dogs.
If you are interested in fostering or adopting a police dog, it is possible but there are strict regulations in place about who can and what is expected, if undaunted by this contact your local police station for details.
If yo u feel you would like to support these excellent dogs and their trainers and handlers you can by donating at:-
The New Zealand Police Dog Charitable Trust
Westpac Wellington
Account number 030251 0040111 00 or by email at


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