3 Tips to remove dog hair

Removing Dog hair

Dog hair is indeed a health hazard. It is more of a hazard if your dog comes inside your home. Bigger dogs will live in their kennel, so they do not pose this problem. But simply because of hair falling I cannot keep my dog out. Instead I take care to remove hair from my premises. Here are a few simple things you need to do to get rid of dog hair which is not easy to remove.

  1. Use Damp Cloth to clean wooden furniture – Yes dog here gets lost in the wood. You cannot see it with your naked eye. Also it clings on so stubbornly that a wipe with dry cloth will not help. Try a wet cloth or a wet sponge instead. Almost all hair will stick to the wet cloth/sponge. A very clever way to remove dog hair from furniture.
  2. Brush the fur of your dog regularly – This is the traditional yet the most effective way of reducing dog hair falling all over the house. Brush the coat regularly with special brush for dogs. It will remover 90% of hair which has fallen, removing chances of it spreading all over the house.
  3. Vacuum Clean the carpet in all directions – While cleaning with a vacuum cleaner we tend to just go in one direction. It is enough for a house without pets, but for a house with a dog you need to improve upon this technique. Just vacuum in all directions and you will pick up all the dog hair. Also check the filter regularly as hair clogs the filter.

So, these simple tips will help you. Also, you can suggest your own techniques which you have practically used.


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