Home remedies for Dogs

A dog is a great companion. I do not call it a pet, rather a friend.So why not use home remedies for some common problems of health the dog faces. It is natural healthy and inexpensive.It is not always justcash.

Home remedies for Dogs

  • Skin Problems and Cod Liver Oil – Dogs mostly face dry skin problem due to lack of sweat glands. A home remedy is adding cod liver oil in the water you use for bathing the dog. The Vitamin E in the oil helps the dry skin. In extreme problems only you need to consult the doctor.
  • Vomiting and the Electrolytes – Just like humans Dogs may vomit due to indigestion. They may lose water which is not good for their body. Put some electrolytes in the water they drink to replenish the lost salt. It is easy and simple.
  • Wounds and Epsom Salt soak – Dogs are just like children and may get wounds on their body. Just use the Epsom salt in you kitchen to soak the wounded area. You will be surprised at the rate the wound heals.
  • Fleas and Lime solution – You can get rid of fleas which are common in dogs. Use lemon solution. Lemon solution drives the fleas away and your dog will smell great too.
  • Yogurt for stomach problems – Yogurt that we eat can help the dog in almost all types of stomach problems. Just try it.

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