Dog Names – Make Good Decisions

dog names
I think that just the way we carefully think up a name for our human children, we need to also choose our fur-children’s names with care. There are so many dog names to choose from really, although most people like to give their dogs a human name. I’ve got friends with dogs and cats with names like Alice, Kelly, Celeste, Blake and Wendy. Then you can find the people who like the more traditional dog names like Spot, Blacky and Beauty. If you allow your kids to name your dog, you might get names like Kitty, Puppy or something of that ilk, remember puppy might be cute at 3 months but will it still be ok when your four legged friend is older?. The dog’s breed can often help you to choose a nice name such as Rommel for a Doberman Pinscher, or Kelly like I’ve already mentioned for an Irish Terrier. I guess its all about taste, but your dog is a family member too, and a nice name will communicate to him that you care for your dog like any other family member.


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