Dog care advice for new pet owners


Are you a new pet owner? Is the pet a dog? Then definitely you require dog care advice for taking care of your dog. dogs are like family and a new entrant requires special attention and care. This is the most important of all dog care advice. The first few months are critical for the dog to get comfortable. The first thing to do is to keep it close by always. You may face the problem of dog poo in your house but that is a part of the training. Speak to your dog and give non-verbal cues as dogs are intelligent animals and will start understanding you. Touch and stroke carefully and reward for good behaviour. This will help the dog in learning manners. Another important thing is the dog collar. Always consult the vet when you buy the dog collar. The vet will give you instructions on how long and what type of collar may be best for your dog. This is just the beginning of the long relationship you are going to have, so be patient.


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